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Asia Organization Development Summit 2011

Finding Balance in Change Management, HR, and Strategy:  Strategies for Sustained Success

2011 Asian OD Network Summit

October 22 - 24, 2011,
Hohai University, Jianning Campus   
Nanjing, China


Annual OD Summit 2011

Date: October 22 ・ 24, 2011

Venue: Hohai University, Jianning Campus, Nanjing, China

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Theme: "Finding Balance in Change Management, HR, and Strategy:  Strategies for Sustained Success"


The summit seeks to be a venue for exchange of best practices and cutting edge research in organization development in Asia. The conference includes skill‐building workshops, as well as thematic sessions that feature research and practice of OD in Asia. The conferences also feature interactive sessions designed to allow exchange of ideas and experiences across organizations,

sectors and cultures. Our intent is to offer relevant information that OD practitioners in Asia can apply through case studies and best practices based on actual experience. We also encourage cutting‐edge research that contributes to theory and practice of OD in Asia.

It is a broad theme that provides many opportunities for you to submit a research paper, symposium, case study, or workshop for the 2010 Asia OD Network Conference.  For more details, see the Asia OD Network web site, http://www.aodn.org 


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